Should I Repair or Replace My Dented Garage Door?

By Garage Door Pros
October 12, 2018 Category: Installs

Repair or Replace a Dented Garage Door? below is a transcription of the video (above) Hey every one, Im Dan from Virteomand with me I have Keith from Garage Door Pros LLC, and today were going to talk about whether or not you replace that one dented panel in your garage door or or not. Weve got this picture here. This was a Keith tell us what happened here. You showed up and this client had a couple of scenarios, right? Dented Garage Door Panel: The client clearly dented the garage door bottom section, Garage Door Pros gave her the options to replace the bottom garage door panel of her garage door,compared to purchasing a new garage door. We dont like to oversell people, so I gave her the option of replacing just the bottom panel of the garage door for $300-350. Replacing Your Dented Garage Door Her decision was to purchase a brand new garage door which then turned into this. A New Garage Door Gives Your Home a Facelift Instead of taking you up on your offer to just replace

How Fast Can You Install My New Garage Door?

By Garage Door Pros
October 05, 2018 Category: Installs

Hi everybody, weve started doing this little mini-series to answer some of our most common questions on garage doors. Tune in every week for a new topic, and stay up to date on the latest in garage doors. Below is a transcription of the video: How Quick Can You Install My New Garage Door? Im Dan with Virteom, today I have Keith whos from Garage Door Pros LLC ( Were going to talk about how quick these guys can install a garage door I got a picture here -- Keith tell me whats going on here -- this looks like the before shot, youve got some of your frames laid out there -- How long does it take for you guys to swap out a garage door like that? Typically it takes us about two hours to install a new garage door. And lets check that after shot looks like... So is this more like a typical standard garage door install? Correct. Okay cool. How Do I Pick a Color for My New Garage Door? And how do how does a client come to you and pick out this color? Do you, kind of

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